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September 12, 2015.


Ashley Morgan Spiller Foundation

Cancer is responsible for changing the lives of so many people. It knows no race, culture or age. But for those who are facing adolescence, this disease makes an already troubling time an even greater challenge. The strength that it takes teens and young adults to fight cancer is unimaginable as they prepare for not only a physical battle but also a mental one during a time when fitting in, self image and peer support is vital. This struggle was all too common for Ashley Morgan Spiller and is the reason The AMS Foundation was founded.


After being diagnosed with a rare tumor and giving the fight of her life, five years ago on December 15th, Ashley Morgan Spiller lost her 15 year battle to cancer. At the age of 19, this strong, courageous, and beautiful young lady was taken from this world.  The mark left behind by Ashley was not one of self-pity but one of love.  Ashley taught others the importance of compassion, dedication and perseverance.

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Our mission is to empower teens and young adults to live with dignity and a positive image, during and after, their struggles with rare forms of cancer through education, collaboration, research and advocacy.