Company Support

  • Businesses of all sizes can participate in fundraising for the Ashley Morgan Spiller Foundation because it incorporates teamwork and brings employees together for a great cause!
  • There are many ways in which a business can get involved through company fundraising events. Below are some ideas on fundraising ideas for your company. We challenge all company’s to become creative with their fundraising ideas by either combining two or more of the ideas below or coming up with new and exciting ways for your company and employees to help our cause!
  • Hold a family day for your workplace: A family can be held by just about any size and type of business. Family days are days to celebrate family by inviting all of your employees family members to partake in food, games, and camaraderie, which will remind them of the importance of family and how fortunate we are so they will be inspired to them to make a difference for children with cancer. .
  • Dress-down Day: Give your employees the option of “dressing down” at work for a day. For a dress-down day employees can wear jeans to work in exchange for a donation of a preset or any amount.
  • Golf Outing: A company golf outing is a great way to bring employees, clients and vendors together fro a day of fun with the purpose of educating and raising money for children with cancer.
  • Sports Tournament: Turn any of your favorite sports into fundraising sports tournament. Bowling, golfing, softball and kickball are just a few sports that you can be turned into fundraising events. With technology and gaming consoles you can even host a electronic sporting event with Wii tournaments. Charging an entry fee to participate in the tournament and giving the winner a prize such as a gift card or vacation day(s), while the the remaining proceeds would go to the AMS Foundation.
  • Silent Auction: Getting your company’s vendors or other local businesses to donate items to be auctioned off. Employees and clients can also assist the auction by baking items or donating to assist in making your auction a hit! Allow for the auction to be held in a central place at your office and allow your employees to bid for a set period of time.
  • Change Box/Jar: Displaying a lockable change box or jar with AMS signage and information at a desk or cashier stand can allow for employees and customers to make donations and raise funds for our cause!
  • Office Olympics: Host a friendly competitions where employees compete on teams and see who can raise the most money by a certain deadline to donate to assist our wonderful cause!

The AMS Foundation staff is here to help you! If you need advise or have questions about fundraising at your company, contact our business fundraising specialist, Nicholas Buford at or by phone at 310-600-6521.