How Your Donation Helps

The Ashley Morgan Spiller Foundation is committed to finding a cure for all childhood cancers, but especially children with Sarcomas and Malignant Meningiomas.  Ashley Morgan Spiller loved the Theater and loved to dance so our commitment is to help those children who fall categorically in that area specifically, but generally to include every child who has been maligned with this ailment.

We (the parents and caregiver to Ashley) are innately aware of the struggles that families face throughout their battle with childhood cancer, emotionally, financially, or otherwise, and we are committed to promoting and assisting programs to support those families.  The Ashley Morgan Spiller Foundation, aka “The AMS Foundation”, will assist families with travel expenses, as they travel for treatments for their children, and assist the family with extended care.

The AMS Foundation will also be providing funding for research that will lead to life changing and life saving treatments for Sarcoma and Meningioma patients.  In addition, AMS will provide financial and educational resources to the families through our childhood cancer program. We are constantly exploring various avenues where we could increase our assistance to others.

The support of volunteers and supporters (like you) makes it possible for us make important strides in improving the lives of children and their families as they battle this disease and beyond.  Thank you for making the difference for children with cancer everywhere.