Why We’re Different

Ashley Morgan Spiller Foundation for Childhood Cancer is a unique childhood cancer charity for many reasons!

AMS cares about the quality of life for childhood cancer patients and their families:  One overwhelming theme for Ashley and her parents was overtime there seemed to be less and less programs and events for adolescents with cancer.  By the time you are a young adult there is even less, virtually nothing.  Although Ashley always had friends and family, sometimes young people with cancer need to reach out and hang out with each other.  Just being able to talk about what they are feeling inside, to share resources of how to hide the scars or lines, to go bald without people staring, to laugh, to cry, and to make new friends that really understand what your life is like living with cancer.  In addition to funding cutting edge research and making new treatments available to young people with cancer, our foundation will fund or support pediatric oncology nursing research and grants, designed to improve the quality of life and care of the older adolescents and young adults as they battle cancer.

AMS helps provide resources for families battling cancer immediately: Through the Ashley Morgan Spiller Foundation Adopt-A-Family program, we will assist a family through the Holiday Season each year.  In addition, we will provide support to a young person through grant support for school books, special classes, or special events.  Additionally, our goal is to compile a resource book for local agencies and private organizations that will be provided to new families that will list support for them, whether it is in home tutoring, travel support, housing, emergency aid, sibling childcare, and outreach programs.

Teens and Young Adults: To support the concept that teens and young adults living with cancer want and need events that are geared towards them.  Our board is comprised of young people, most who grew up with and was there for Ashley throughout her battle.  They have insight into some of the challenges and first hand experience of some of the issues that Ashley expressed as she became a teen, and then a young adult.  Their innovative approach to fun events to raise money and to incorporate those that we seek to help will inspire a new generation of volunteers and allow people who would not usually participate in fundraising, especially teens and young adults, to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer.

A simple but powerful lesson: The Ashley Morgan Spiller Foundation believes that every person can make a difference in the world. Through our research during Ashley’s battle with cancer, information on resources is not readily available and there are not a lot of teen/young adult programs.  Through our Foundation’s annual Bowl-A-Thon, Family Day Picnic, and Annual Gala, not only do we inspire to raise money to support our gift giving, but also to encourage and inspire those with the means to become a valuable resource for these young people.

No donation is too small: Ashley Morgan Spiller Foundation has inspired people who would not likely donate to childhood cancer to make donations – no matter the amount.

Bringing Communities together: Our annual events: Bowl-A-Thon, Family Day Picnic, and our Annual Gala Dinner brings people together, including those that aim to support and those that are supporters, and encourages charitable giving to communities and neighborhoods, making donating simple and rewarding for everyone.